Over 80 years of experience

CG Ferramenta

It boasts over 80 years of experience gained in the processing and management of ferrous materials

The company It’s spread over five buildings independent for a total of 6.000 m2.

It has evolved to become one of the major points of reference in the world today furniture small parts sector






The customer at the center of the project, always satisfying him with innovative proposals

C&G Ferramenta has evolved to become one of the main points of reference in the field of small parts for furniture and is spread over 5 owned factories, close to each other for about 6000 square meters. All materials are sorted and arranged in the 5 warehouses managed by qualified personnel and ready to guarantee supplies and shipments able to meet every delivery need. The organization, precision and ability to quickly manage any type of order guarantee the customer the highest quality and reliability of each supply. The company has 13 different packaging lines, the last three equipped with hoppers, all with technologies with autonomous weighing baskets for each individual container and protected cells for any overloads.
Device for off-line deviation of out-of-tolerance weighings. The latest machine purchased for packaging in multi-pocket bags has 20 baskets and develops a length of 21 meters. It is capable of modulating bags with 16 individual “pockets”, which significantly simplifies the assembly procedures of the component by the end user. Today it is offered the possibility of customization by the customer of the print to be highlighted in the hardware bag. The manual packaging department is equipped with a PC on every single workstation and the connection to the customer PLC for the –



Satisfy the most varied customer requests, following him from the feasibility study to the realization of the processing
The experience and the great attention to the needs of each customer, allow C&G to offer multiple customized services
of wrapping, packaging and supply

…Real-time data transfer of daily requirements provide further proof of production capacity and a truly accurate service. Not to mention the software for programming and using bar codes for the advancement of produced items and the guarantee of the level of non-conformity of the product of less than 1%. Special electronic scales placed at the end of all lines also ensure the homogeneity of the packages before their passage to quality control, entrusted to a specific department.
C&G‘s experience and attention to the needs of each customer allow us to offer a wide range of customized packaging, packaging and supply services. In addition to packaging in sealed and printed bags, the materials can be boxed in containers of different sizes and grouped in pallets ready for shipment, according to the different needs of the customer. The continuous search for improvement and quality of products and packaging lines has allowed C&G to establish long-lasting partnerships with all its customers.


  1. We want different people
  2. We want people who are willing to challenge themselves and who want to grow steadily and continuously with the company
  3. We want people who prefer teamwork
  4. We want people who believe in strong and long-lasting relationships
  5. We want people who are able to break the mold
  6. We want people who strive for efficiency in everything
  7. We want people who turn mistakes into opportunities to improve themselves
  8. We want people who are passionate about life and work
  9. We want people who find a lesson in every experience
  10. We want people who transform challenges with courage


The main values of C.&G. FERRAMENTA are represented by people and the territory.


The Company has always invested in people and believes in individual merit within teamwork: continuous training, skills development and an internal culture made up of sharing objectives and goals are the fundamental stimuli that allow you to be part of a project and at the same time part of a real family. And as in any big family, everyone contributes their best.


The second great value for C.&G. FERRAMENTA is the territory, a precious gift that deserves respect and care. Deeply tied to the land in which it was born, the company has developed in full respect of nature and the surrounding landscape. But C.&G. FERRAMENTA’s commitment to the environment doesn’t end there. The company strongly believes in renewable energy “because our gaze is turned towards distant horizons and everything that is renewable will never end”…



  • N. 5 factories 6,000 sqm
  • N. 13 packaging lines
  • N. 1,200,000 packs per month
  • No. 100,000 boxes per month
  • N. 60 employees





The company traditionally oriented towards customer satisfaction…